Tankernn game engine

A basic, yet useful, game engine written in Java. It uses LWJGL and OpenGL to deliver compatability on a wide variety of platforms.


  • Load OBJ models easily using the built-in OBJ-loader
  • Particle support built-in
  • Pseudo-random terrain generation with seed support
  • Advanced lighting and shadows
  • Text rendering
  • Beautiful, customizable water
  • Audio support coming soon

How do I get it?

Download latest build from Jenkins

How do I try it?

Download the latest version of Tankernn 3D Game, which is built on the engine.
Download latest build from Jenkins

Maven dependency

	Tankernn Maven Repository


Chat Server/Client A chat server and client pair.

The server is started by opening a terminal and typing: java -jar path/to/chatserver.jar The client is started by just double-clicking it. The config file it creates will save your latest settings.
More info, changelog, more how-to:s and source code can be found on GitHub.


Current downloads can be found on GitHub

Account Manager

Manage accounts in a virtual bank system.


  • Super secure AES-encryption.
  • Universal JSON format.
  • Organized menu with keyboard-shortcuts.
Jenkins download

Periodic Table

Interactive info and calculations regarding the Periodic Table.


  • Calculate mass per molar for any substance using chemical terms, eg. "H2O" or "KMnO4".
  • Get generic information about any element in the table.
  • Select elements based on atomic number, short name or full name.
Jenkins download

Game of Life

My take on the classic life-simulator created by John Conway.


  • Press "P" to pause the game, allowing you to set or unset cells using your mouse.
  • Press "G" to toggle the grid overlay.
  • Use your primary mouse button to set cells alive, secondary to kill them.
Jenkins download

Caesar Cipher Encrypt/Decrypt

A program for encrypting and decrypting Caesar cipher messages.


The Frall Program

The Frall Program is a collection of some stuff I have written in Java.


Visual Basic

Here you can find download-links to a few programs I've written in Visual Basic.

Multiplication training

An application for training multiplication tables.


Flying Boxes

Quite self-explanatory. Random boxes flying around.