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So guys, we did it. I ported werc to POSIX shell. The source code can be found here.

About Tankernn

I am a Swedish computer enthusiast and programmer, known online by the name of "Tankernn". Born in the year 2000, I've lived long enough to see the dumbing down of computers and related technologies first hand, yet not long enough to experience the internet in its hay day.

I've been programming since 13, when I made my first website (the precursor to what you're seeing here). Since then I have developed my skills through both formal education and professional experience, to the point where I no longer find it necessary to list languages or design patterns here.

Categories I identify with, since that's what matters in modern society:







You can reach me by E-mail (frans at tankernn dot eu) or @tankernn:tankernn.eu on matrix.org.